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Recently Completed Two Semester Course: Advanced Macroeconomics has two sets of lectures – MAC01 to MAC25 – 25 lectures of Advanced Macro First Semester, and AM01 to AM26 26 lectures of advanced macro second semester.

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GUIDE: Resources for the Study of Polanyi’s Great TransformationContext & Information: Today, we are all deeply under the influence of Western ways of thinking, due to the dominance of Western modes of education. To understand, analyze, and eventually liberate ourselves from this influence, it is essential to study the history of development of Western thought. Three books are important for this purpose. The first of these is RH Tawney: Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, which shows the changes in religious thought that accompanied the rise of capitalism. The second is Karl Polanyi’s The Great Transformation: Political and Economic Origins of Our Times. I have written a lot of material summarizing his works, and detailing different aspects of the Great Transformation. This material is linked in my post on: Resources for the Study of Polanyi’s Great Transformation.  The third is Peter Manicas, “History and Philosophy of Social Science” which explains how social sciences emerged in the West. From the Islamic point of view, an analysis of crucial importance in this regard is: “Origins of Western Social Sciences.”; this explains how social sciences emerged in response to the need for analysis to replace earlier Christianity-based approaches, and involve explicit rejection of religious ideas.

POSTSCRIPT: I have launched a new website to try to organize my writings/videos. BUT, I have not had time to organize it.

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Origins of Banking (urdu)

[] The story of creation of Bank of England in 1694 has been given briefly in “The Origins of Central Banking“. Detailed explanation of the financial gimmicks used by Banks, which continue to be in use today, is given in a separate post on “Monetization, Maturity Transformation, and MMT“. This material is of great importance for Ulema, to understand the nature of money and banking today. These two posts (English) were discussed and explained in Urdu, in a talk for Ulema at Madrassa Darul Taqwa at Chauburji in Lahore, this morning at 9:00am on 27th January 2020. A 50m audio recording of the talk in Urdu, folliwed by Q&A session is linked below. This covers more or less that materials given in the two posts linked above in English.


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