For more information about me, see the about me page of my main website: asadzaman.net  This blog/website has now been launched (& renamed to An Islamic WorldView) on 11/18/2017.  The purpose of this blog, detailed below, is to provide post on a regular — almost daily — basis on topics of interest. See also post on “Countering European Myths about Knowledge” for more explanation of this purpose.  More permanent classification and categorizations of relevant materials will be provided on my new website: Islamic-Worldview. com. Mufti Yasir has launched an URDU materials blog, which will provide translations of mine and related works into urdu.

The ravages of imperialism and colonialism have destroyed Muslim societies all over the world. As Allama Iqbal writes: not only has the caravan lost its wealth, it has forgotten what it has lost.( See Sham’a Aur Sha’er, Bang-e-Dra 116)


Today, NONE of the institutional structures of Islamic societies are in an Islamic shape. Our courts and legal structures are based on Western forms, our marketplaces, banks, insurance, education, healthcare, social services, all are formed on patterns created in the West. Muslims do not know that we had dramatically different institutional structures which were not based on the concept that everything is for sale. Islamic societies operated on the concept of collective responsibility — Farz-e-Kifaya — that we are all responsible to ensure that every member of the society is fed, clothed, housed, educated, and taken care of adequately with respect to basic needs. This model was extraordinarily successful at eliminating extreme poverty, and ensuring equal access to education and social opportunities for all. Re-Building Islamic Societies is a huge task, which required coordinated and carefully sequenced steps on multiple fronts.

The first obstacle in the path of this task is the enchantment cast upon us by the Western societies. This has misled the Muslims into believing that the path to salvation lies in imitating the West, instead of in following the Deen as laid out in the Quran and Sunnah. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to expose the roots of modern Western knowledge about the Social Sciences as being pretence and illusion, since it is based on severe misconceptions about the nature of human beings, and our purpose in life. Another way to state the purpose of this blog, is that we would to convey the message of Iqbal to the present generation: (see: Reaching Beyond the Stars) Iqbal’s eyes were NOT dazzled by the brilliance of Western knowledge — see: (Bang-e-dra 36: Mir-e-Sipah NaSza)


Unfortunately, the majority of the Muslims have been dazzled, and have fallen into the trap of the Modern Mu’tazila. This is because Eurocentric history that we learn teaches us that mankind was in darkness until the Enlightenment occured in Europe. Only afte this, (European) man learned to reason, think, do science, build inventions, govern well and democratically, and achieve miraculous and wonderful economic growth. Debunking this story, and providing an alternative Islamic point of view is the main goal of this blog and associated websites. For a collection of writings and essays devoted to this goal see: Islamic Worldview and Fighting Eurcentricism

My page on Facebook can be found via links given below. Many posts here are cross posted to this page.  The username @vcpide has been created for Dr. Asad Zaman. It’s now easier for people to find your Page in search. People can also visit your Page at fb.me/vcpide and send your Page messages at m.me/vcpide


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