The Ghazali Group

I have launched a group meant for people who would like to actively participate in the project for the revival of Islamic teachings (not meant for silent listeners). 

For more than a decade, I have been doing research on mystery: Islamic teachings launched a revolution in history 1450 years ago — have they LOST their power? I have finally come to some startling conclusions, summarized in my post on the Road to Madina, which show that these teachings have the same power today. The teachings of Islam have the same revolutionary potential today as they did centuries ago — but because Islam has become a stranger to Muslims, we are unable to understand and follow them. All dimensions of our lives — political, social, economic, ideological, educational, personal — are run along un-Islamic lines. My diagnosis is that the problem is a deep rooted conditioning created by centuries of colonization and re-inforced by a Western education. Repairing this problem requires making efforts on TWO FRONTS, described in the intro to the GROUP I have recently created for this purpose. One front involves EXPOSING and rejecting myths which we swallow without recognizing them because they are built into a Western education — this is the Tahafatul Falasafa part. The second part is the Ihya Uloomud Deen, SHOWING how Islamic teachings provide a superb solution to the modern problems currently facing mankind, and are far superior to solutions coming out of the Western social sciences. I have called it the Ghazali group because both of these efforts were made by Imam Al-Ghazali in his time to solve a very similar problem the Ummah was facing then. This group is meant for volunteers who want to participate in this project. Please click on the link and add yourself to the group below if you would like to do so.

There is a huge amount of work that needs to be done, some of which has been outlined in the post. This group is meant for people who would like to participate in doing this work.

UPDATE: For a more recent (but lengthier) discussion of the main ideas behind the project, see The Ghazali Project for Revival of Deen, For related materials, see Principles of an Islamic Education, which also provides a list of all six parts of a lecture on “How to become a great teacher.” Later, updated discussions, are available in The Ghazali Project, The Ghazali Project: Revival of Deen, and Diagnosis: the absorption of Secular Thought. This last post (Diagnosis) is very important — Why are the Muslims not able to SEE the revolutionary potential of Islamic teachings today? The reason is that absorption of a Eurocentric worldview which is part of a Western education blinds us to the message of Islam. Unwrapping these blindfolds for ourselves, and helping fellow Muslims do the same is a HUGE project, which requires lots of work on many different fronts. For those who would like to participate in this project, I have created an email discussion group for this purpose. Click on the link, to join: The Ghazali Group.

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BS Math MIT (1974), Ph.D. Econ Stanford (1978)] has taught at leading universities like Columbia, U. Penn., Johns Hopkins and Cal. Tech. Currently he is Vice Chancellor of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. His textbook Statistical Foundations of Econometric Techniques (Academic Press, NY, 1996) is widely used in advanced graduate courses. His research on Islamic economics is widely cited, and has been highly influential in shaping the field. His publications in top ranked journals like Annals of Statistics, Journal of Econometrics, Econometric Theory, Journal of Labor Economics, etc. have more than a thousand citations as per Google Scholar.

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