A Deep Seated Inferiority Complex

Published in The Nation, 3rd Aug 2018.  Post is slightly modified, expanded, and has links to documentation of claims not available in the newspaper.[[shortlink: bit.do/azic]]


A recent TV show clip — interview of journalist Hassan Nisar on Geo-program Mere Mutabiq — reminded me of how strongly we have been brainwashed into believing in the superiority of white man. Hassan Nisar had a long list of items which prove that the White man is infinitely superior to the brown man, and that we are a thousand times worse than the “civilized” races. To pick a couple of items at random, he thought that the White Men are always honest, and they would be deeply insulted if they were accused of lying. Similarly, he thought that selling fraudulent medicines, and making excessive profits were faults that only Brown people like us have. It is not just that the Whites do not do such things, they cannot even conceive that civilized people could commit such heinous crimes.

Apparently, Hassan Nisar learned about Western civilization only from movies which glorify it, and is completely ignorant of the realities of the modern Western cultures. As far as lying is concerned, KellyAnne Conway had to create the notion of “Alternative Facts” to defend lies told by President Trump. In June 2018, the Washington Post reported that Trump had made 3,251 false or misleading claims in his first 497 days in office! Hassan seems to be unaware US and UK created a campaign to deceive their own public into supporting the war against Iraq, in order to cover up the true motives for the war, which was the control of oil, and the huge profits received by the military-industrial complex due to the war. He does not know about the recent case where more than half of a Havard class was caught cheating.  The article “America has a cheating crisis” shows that this is not an isolated incident, but a national crisis. Hassan Nisar’s starry-eyed idolization of the the West would  by rudely shattered by the Newsweek article: The Truth Is We Are All Raging Liars. The article states that even though Americans like to think they are honest, the truth is that: “We are a culture of liars, to put it bluntly, with deceit so deeply ingrained in our psyches that we hardly even notice we’re engaging in it.”

Similarly, the glorified idealization that there is no concept of selling fake and harmful drugs in the civilized West has no match to reality. Recently, GlaxoSmithKline, the British drug giant, has agreed to pay $750 million to settle criminal and civil complaints that the company for years knowingly sold contaminated baby ointment and an ineffective antidepressant (what we call Number 2 drugs). This is just one among a large number of similar abuses, where Pharmaceutical industry has knowingly put dangerous drugs on the market, concealing research regarding harmful effects. In a recent case filed in North Carolina, Attorney General Stein said that “As millions of Americans were becoming addicted to and dying from prescription painkillers, it appears Insys and its sales representatives [were] pushing its incredibly potent opioid on North Carolina patients just to make more money. This is unconscionable, it’s unacceptable and it’s illegal.”

Contrary to the idea that “making excessive profits” at public expense is only what uncivilized Brown people do, the Pharmaceutical Industry makes huge profits by charging enormously inflated prices for essential medicines. For just one recent  example, Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim tablets from $13.50 to $750 per tablet in just one day. For more cases like this, see 6 Insane Examples of Drug Price Increases at health.com. An article entitled “Pharmaceutical Industry Is Biggest Defrauder of the Federal Government” shows that over the past decades, the Pharmaceutical industry has paid about $20 billion in fines for selling drugs with false advertisements of their supposed benefits. Unethical practices by the Pharmaceutical industry are detailed in hundreds of books and articles. One of the most prominent cases was when Senator Tauzin herded the “Medicare Prescription Drug Bill” through Congress using dirty tactics, including pressurizing and bribing opponents into changing votes. This amazing bill allows the Pharmaceutical Industry to name their prices; the government is not allowed to negotiate the price, and cannot import exactly equivalent drugs from across the border in Canada! It has been calculated that this bill amounted to a $80 billion gift to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Two weeks after getting the bill passed, Senator Tauzin resigned from the Congress to take a $2 million job with the grateful Pharmaceutical Industry as their lobbyist in Congress.This Medicare Bill was so outrageous that Obama made a campaign promise to get it repealed, but could not succeed against the powerful pharmaceutical lobby.

Perhaps the blinders on Hassan Nisar’s eyes would be removed by looking at the treatment being given to asylum seekers at the borders of the USA today. Thousands of little children have been separated from their parents and put into cages, with no mercy being shown to screaming children and crying parents – a “zero-tolerance” policy according to Trump. This is the civilization so admired by him?

It must be clarified that I do not support the idea that the East is superior to the West, or vice versa; there are good and bad people everywhere. My essay is just to dispel Hassan Nisar’s idea that only Angels live in the West, while we are all degenerate and immoral in the East. This misconception arises from centuries of colonization which has left deep psychological scars. Our traditional educational systems, which provided free education to all, were deliberately destroyed by the British, fearful of resistance to their rule from an educated public. These were replaced by an education designed to create admiration and respect for the West, together with contempt and hatred for our own heritage and ancestors. This educational system continues to this day, and creates exactly the same effects. This conquest of knowledge was a key to the ability of a handful of British to rule a huge country. In the era of the British rule, boot-licking of the British was the only way to rise in the ranks of the Government. Especially after the events of 1857, those people who admired the British and betrayed their own people got awards and honors, while those who were honest and sincere were stripped of their properties and imprisoned in British Jails. While the British are long gone, the Brown Baboo’s who have replaced them faithfully imitate and admire their past colonial masters, and proudly wear and display their chains of slavery.  They continue to believe and propagate the canard that “Hum to Zaleel Qaum Hain”, that everyone in Pakistan is corrupt, and long list of complaints about how bad we are as a nation, while in the West everyone is perfect.

In my own experience as a teacher, this inferiority complex is the FIRST barrier to educating students to achieve excellence. Coming in with the belief that we are an inferior people, it is hard for students to believe in themselves, and in the possibility that we can make great achievements. The inspirational message of Iqbal provides an excellent antidote to this poisonous inferiority complex. In order to create the desired change, we need to awaken our youth to their enormous potential, their ability to soar like the Eagles. As a sample of what is needed, I would recommend my lecture entitled “The Ways of the Eagles,” which is available at http://bit.do/azwoe

POSTSCRIPT: I have never seen such an extreme display of inferiority as expressed by Hassan Nisar — full of such pure admiration for the Angel-like Westerners who cannot conceive of doing anything bad – they are truthful, honest, just, and the paragon of all virtues, while we in the East are all devils, full of all bad qualities. It reminded me of sayings of some of our leaders under British rule, who said that we were like animals in comparison with the British. I am attaching the video clip below for reference and for the record:

If above link to video does not work, the following are alternative links to same video:

Video: Hassan Nisar displays DEEP inferiority complex .

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42 thoughts on “A Deep Seated Inferiority Complex

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  2. Absolutely truth this type of articles is necessary for the nation that aware of Europe supremacy and see the true picture of white man’s thanks sir

  3. Respected Asad Zaman sb! One can not justify false with false. Hassan Nisar sb becomes too much pessimistic in his approach. If there is something wrong with us we should rectify. I am not a fan of Hassan Nisar sb. What I get from Hassan Nisar sb,he generalize the whole west upon us. There should be no excuses. If there is something wrong with us we have to admit it. When we say we, it should mean we (subcontinent). What is our contribution to the body of knwledge. Just consider the population in our part of the world and our contribution and the masses living in misery.

  4. hassan nisar talked about the society of the common man or public. Trump is not a common man he is a elite business man and now the president of the Usa. The political elites of the USA makes decision and according to Dr Asad Zaman they lie with public just because for the larger interest of the nation which we we also practice in our county. I can answer about the details of your article in this way ” When it comes to state than everyone is selfish regardless of religion or color”. But in the bottom or when it comes to common man our society is totally collapsed and they are far better it is true. In our city quetta you can not even find a pure milk in the whole city so………..

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  7. I believe the modern day west is far more organized, honest and clean as compared to east. While good and bad people are everywhere, their sheer number in attics of power is what maligning the east. Any sane person can tell that the rulers of countries such as ours are more corrupt and prone to lying than their western counterparts.
    While the prime ministers in Europe live a simple life, characterized by the instances where them traveling in public metros is a common sight, a simple minister in our country cannot go out without a cadre of more than 10 vehicles. This and much more proves that we lag far behind the west in moral as well as technological battle.

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  13. sir exactly hassan nissar said that galla sara hwa mashra hy hamary han.sir he is miss leading us by some emotional speeches i think he should comes to the realism as it is .ye to punjab ki policy ti jis ki waja west pak separated . khod to sharab peta hy my is k program m ta kahty hn ap logo ko kia pelaw chaye ya sharab and set on media floor to sight out it self as allama.

    • Dear Aslam,
      Its very humble request to you that kindly don’t discuss the private life of anyone here. What somebody is doing, it’s his personal matters. We will just here to learn the REAL Educational and philosophical views from Sir Dr.Asad Zaman. We express our views with some logic and respect of everyone.

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