Urdu: The Power of the Quran

7m Convocation Speech at graduation of Huffaz from Hira Islamic School System at Islamabad on Sat 25th Nov 2017. The Message of the Quran changed the course of history. The Quran describes itself as the complete and perfect gift of God for guidance of mankind. It also says that what we Muslims have been given is far better than anything that they (non-Muslims) can gather. It also says that we should not be deceived by the apparent luxury of the non-Muslims. Today, the glitter of Western knowledge has made Muslims neglect the powerful message of the Quran. It was this message that brought the light which ended the dark ages of Europe. The same message had a powerful impact on Thomas Jefferson, and played an important role in shaping the constitution. Today, the message is just as powerful as it was 1400 years ago – it is perfect and complete and sufficient for our guidance today. Unfortunately, most Muslims are neglecting this message, and paying far more attention to Western knowledge, in the mistaken belief that today our guidance depends on modern teachings. In fact, the secrets of success are the same today as they were 1400 years ago, and the key to internal revolution, to transform our hearts, and thereby to transform the world, are contained in the Quran.

A seven minute speech in URDU for graduates of Hira on this topic:

Slides for the talk in URDU; Available from slideshare

Urdu: Power of the Quran — PPT Slides from Slideshare

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