Excerpt from Essay on the Meaning of Development

Contrary to what is widely believed, our history is not etched in stone and unchangeable. Rather, we choose our history (for instance, by identifying with the Muslim immigrants, rather than the Hindu residents),  and these choices have dramatic implications for our future. This is explained in the following excerpt from my longer essay: Is Development the Accumulation of Wealth? Islamic Views. The essay explores 10 different widely believed myths, and provides alternatives. See also the following related links:

Articles on Islamic Economics
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About Asad Zaman

BS Math MIT (1974), Ph.D. Econ Stanford (1978)] has taught at leading universities like Columbia, U. Penn., Johns Hopkins and Cal. Tech. Currently he is Vice Chancellor of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. His textbook Statistical Foundations of Econometric Techniques (Academic Press, NY, 1996) is widely used in advanced graduate courses. His research on Islamic economics is widely cited, and has been highly influential in shaping the field. His publications in top ranked journals like Annals of Statistics, Journal of Econometrics, Econometric Theory, Journal of Labor Economics, etc. have more than a thousand citations as per Google Scholar.

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